Girls’ Night Owlt & Painted Ladies

Come check out the Grand Opening of SAWG’s new gallery at Williams Centre, Broadway & Craycroft.  The first show of the season is “Vacation Musings”.  I opted for the feathered route as always for my entries.

The reception for the artists and award ceremony will be October 15th, from 5 – 7pm, 5420 E.  Broadway, Suite 240.

“Girls’ Night Owlt” features owls rehabbed and released from Wildlife Rehabilitation of Northwest Tucson.

L. to R. top to bottom – Western Screech, Elf, Great Horned, Barn, Northern Saw-whet, and Burrowing owls.  The night sky includes Cassiopea and Andromeda.


“Girls’ Night Owlt” acrylic on canvas

“Painted Ladies” depicts the female hummingbirds that visit my backyard flowers and feeders.

L. to R. – Anna’s, Broad-billed, Costa’s, and Rufous.

"Painted Ladies"

“Painted Ladies”

A companion piece is on the easel of the males of each species “The Boys of Summer”.