We were rehearsing for a solemn occasion, good friends of mine were getting married the next day and we had a lot of ground to cover.

“Repeat after me.  I Chandra, take thee….”  the officiator couldn’t be heard over the aahhhck-ing of one of the largest ravens seen in recent memory.  He waited while the big black bird cleared its throat several times.  I couldn’t resist adding a few to the string of noise.  The huge bird hopped to a closer branch and ratcheted up the volume.  Not to be outdone by the hawk sized corvid, I made some honking squeaks punctuated with donkey brays.  I had no idea I’d just made flirty remarks.  He(?) fluffed out throat feathers and burbled the sweetest, silliest, most liquid combination of notes I may ever hear.

“I now pronounce you bird and wife.”

Later, the groom’s cousin told me that ravens won’t sing to just any other raven and would never stoop to courting a human.  I’d like to think he was right.  That was a beautiful creature, it stole my heart.


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